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"If someone is using audio on their website and hasn't read Audio C4 they're fooling themselves." ~ Jay Jennings, Sonic Memo


"Who Cares if You Have Web Audio if You Sound Silly, Dumb, or Boring. Discover How You Can Create Great Audio Messages!"



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 Public speaking, conquer the fear of public speaking, stage frig


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"I was just talking to another internet marketer the other day. He commented how he had some audio on his site, but it hadn't changed his conversions. I said back to him that just doing audio isn't enough. What you say and how you say it matters a lot too. And that is just what your message is. You're on target!" Shamus Brown, Audio C4 user



Dear Friend,


You could be forcing people off your site before they read a single word of your precious copy.


Yes, online audio CAN do all the things you've been promised...

  • Catapult sales.

  • Explode signups.

  • Send the competition running.

  • Create instant credibility and rapport.

  • Make your conversion rates soar.

  • Easily generate knockout audio products like audio ebooks, sell your recorded teleseminars, and subscription based audio newsletters.

But chances are better than average that you're not getting anywhere near those results out of your audio. In fact, you're audio is probably hurting you...turning people off...turning people away. I almost fell asleep on one site because the audio was so lifeless. I'd mention names, but it might be yours.


Look at that list of benefits again. Do you notice something. You've been told WHAT you can do with your web audio, but has anyone actually showed you step by step HOW to do it?


I will.


Listen, less than the best audio can move you from sales to slumps; signups to sign offs; credibility to crap; and conversion to aversion.


Some of the top internet names even stink with their audio. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. You've heard it and thought, "Well, if they're getting away with something like that I know I could."


Don't think that way. They are not getting away with it. Just because they can use technology and write web copy does NOT mean they know what they're doing with audio copy!



Jim Edwards

"A Must Read"


Jim Edwards is the author of "Ebook Secrets Exposed," "Turn Words into Traffic," "7 Day Ebook," and more! He is also the creator of the always original and information filled audio newsletter, "I Gotta Tell You!"




Who Is This Guy and Why Is He Saying Such Tough Stuff?


My name is Paul Evans and I'm a professional speaker, speaker trainer, and communication consultant to billion dollar industries. You can check out my speaking success course at Instant Speaking Success. I'm not a professional copywriter so don't email me about all the rules I'm breaking - and NO I don't want to pay $10,000 to join you and a list of names at your copywriting boot camp. Here's what I do know. I know how to use the spoken word to motivate people to action.


Like everyone else, I love web audio. It's one of the best marketing investments you can make. I especially love the flexibility and ease of the recent onslaught of flash based audio technologies.


However,  I hate to hear smart people do dumb things when it comes to public speaking.


You're thinking, "But I'm not a public speaker. I'm afraid of getting up and speaking to a crowd. I just put a little audio on my site."


If you think that's true you're worse off than I thought. At least with public speaking it's just a crowd of twenty-five or maybe two-thousand. With the internet you're a public speaker to thousands of hits a month.  Possibly hundreds of thousands. Because of the web you're an international speaker. And you're willing to put up any type of audio? Ridiculous.



"Audio C4 is Awesome! Paul, You Have My FULL Endorsement"


Stephen Pierce is the best-selling author of "Under Oath: The Whole Truth About Internet Marketing."




Let Me Make a WILD Guess


This might even be low for you...


Internet Marketing Resources You've Bought:


Ebooks from the Masters


Web Copywriting Courses


Pay-Per-Click Campaigns


Subscription Web Sites








Online Audio

$29.95+ /month

How to Create Great Audio Messages



Without that last item on the list - which you haven't spent a dime on - your audio has the ability to ruin everything you've worked for in the former areas of the list. All the copywriting and autoresponders in the world can't save you from an audio message that turns off your would-be-customers.


Do you hear that sound? It's you flushing money down the toilet for not learning how to use your audio right. The sad thing it this - while it's not hard to mess up audio, it's not hard to get it right! Think about it. Right now you could be creating awesome messages that turn your guests into company.



"The Authority on What to Say and How to Say It!"

Jay Jennings is the creator of Sonic Memo . He's caused quite a loud audio stir with this simple, yet powerful, tool!






Are You Guilty of These Common Web Audio Mistakes?


Boring: Please tell me you don't have any of this...

  • A monotone voice that will make some parents want to play it to their A.D.D. children at bedtime.

  • Dull wording that falls to the carpet instead of electrifying the wallet.

  • Using dead words like "Uh..." and "Um..." (That really makes you sound smart! Say it a lot and you'll become a genius at sales assassinations.)

Passionless: Any of the following will kill your sales...

  • Vocal energy levels that make Al Gore sound interesting.

  • Sounding like you're giving a lecture on embalming.

  • Having a "take it or leave it" lazy attitude

Pathetic: If you do these, then take your web audio down immediately...

  • You ramble because you just "know" you're supposed to use web audio, so you just put anything up.

  • Testimonials with all the flavor of tofu.

  • A greeting that says, "Welcome to my website, the picture to the left is my cat, Simon..."


"You have got to buy this.
Your subscriber list will grow
and your sales will increase!"

Larry Winget - Pitbull of Personal Development
Professional Speaker Hall of Fame Member




It doesn't matter if you're using AudioGenerator, SonicMemo, Real Audio, or a 1942 Reel to Reel Recorder in the Basement of an Abandoned Warehouse...Audio C4 will Help You!

  • How to find and create valuable content for audio email, newsletters, postcards, testimonials, personal messages and products!

  • How to connect with your market.

  • How to write "audio copy" that's on target

  • How to build credibility and trust through our audio so more will sign up, sign on, and not sign off!

  • Discover how much your audio is really costing you - it's more than the audio product or generator you're using.

  • How to discover your power position and ways to inject it on your audio.

  • How to design the perfect audio campaign for your online business.

  • The C4 blueprint for internet audio. Skip even one "C" at your own risk.

  • 5 Typical audio disasters and how to avoid them.

  • Vocal exercises you can run through before your takes.

  • The one thing you MUST do before recording a single word.

  • How not to sound stupid.

  • How to create brief yet powerful messages for maximum pull.

  • The best way to create audio newsletters.

  • Audio products you can create fast and easily.

  • 4 ways to energize your voice so you can sound more excited than a seventy-year-old man with a bottle of Viagra.

  • Create a magnetic bond with browsers and buyers.

  • How to discover the real profit behind your audio.

  • What everybody does with their copy, but no one is doing with their audio - and everyone should.

Audio C4 uses the same proprietary process my clients pay thousands for with one big difference - it's especially redesigned for internet marketing audio. Keep reading to discover the six areas where you will experience the awesome power of C4...



"Audio C4 is the Missing Link in Web Audio"


Mike Stewart  is your source for recording hardware and software to make the best sounding messages possible.

"The Internet Audio Guy!" 




Six Explosive Audio Message Formats So You Can Build Your List and Create Big Time Cash Flow...or just Create Entertaining Messages if that's Your Goal...



Click this arrow to find out exactly what Audio C4 Means to You.



Public speaking, conquer the fear of public speaking, stage frig


The power of C4 will be applied separately and uniquely to each of these and show you how to create awesome marketing messages...


1. Personal Message:

Discover how you can create a welcome that people will send others to hear.

Instant sign up language for a flood of traffic conversion.

Five best ways to start your greeting and keep folks from leaving.

How to end your message for results and action.


2. Testimonials:

How to get your testimonials to deliver their best stuff!

A pre-testimonial prep sheet so easy even the slowest can't mess it up.

Key words testimonials need to use so listeners will be impressed not depressed.

Words they've got to avoid like the (fill in your favorite cliché).


3. Newsletter/Ezine:

How adding a 2-3 minute audio-zine can boost your sales.

Four formats for fun and profit.

The easiest way to always have an overflow supply of material.


4. Audio Postcards

Postcards may be small, but you can make big mistakes. Here are four "No Trespassing" postcards.

Fad or real tool? How long with postcards last?

How to boost postcard response with a simple knockout combination of two components.


5. Email Audio

Why most people HATE email audio and how you can keep from pissing them off.

Discover the #1 way to get a hot list of people who can't wait for your audio emails.

Create viral emails, not just sales email.


6. Product Development

You could be churning out products like Krispy Kreme turns out hot glazed donuts. Find out how.

Make you're own audio ebooks fast!

Where to get the best audio tools to enhance your voice.  Have you noticed how some audio sounds like an AM radio station at 2 a.m.? Here's how to make clear quality audio.

The top selling audio products you can produce.

How to find out what's hot and what's not.

How to turn your audio into ebooks, manuals or handouts.



"An audio message can get you that hard to get sale even better than the printed word!"

Susanna Hutcheson is a Copywriter and marketing consultant with more than 30 years of copywriting experience in business-to-business and business-to-consumer direct marketing.

Power Copywriting





A Note for Two Types of People...


Are either of these you?


1. You've signed up or bought an audio "generator" but given up. Don't. Audio is a powerful conversion and credibility tool. Don't give up on it. The problem isn't the technology, you've just not been shown how to get the most out of it. That's about to be solved.


2. You've never bought one of the popular audio items. Can I ask a question? What's wrong with you? This is your chance to showcase YOU. Who do people buy from? Those they like and trust. Online nothing can do that faster than audio. In Bonus #3 below, you'll discover the perfect system for you. You'll even get video to help you create audio even if you've never recorded a word in your life!



Your Bonuses...


Bonus #1: C4 Blueprints


You will not be left to your own devices. These six sets of blueprints will be invaluable to your audio preparation. This practically guarantees your success. By answering a few simple questions before each project you can create a winner every time.


Bonus #2: Web Audio that Stinks


I wanted to give you examples of web audio that stinks, but everyone was too embarrassed - couldn't get any permission. So this will not be a bonus though it would be fun. Do you think it would be alright to create a buyer's forums where sad audio could be posted?


Bonus #2: The Top Tools


Which of the audio products on the market are best? You'll find out in unbiased style. On top of that you'll discover what you could be using to take your audios to the next level in terms of quality.


Bonus #3: Testimonial Triggers


This bonus will show you how to put everything but words in your testifier's mouth. You can have them primed and ready to record a profit pulling testimonial. Key words to use and what you don't want them to say.


Testimonials in print are MUCH better than poor audio testimonials. However, if you get a great customer with awesome charisma, well then, get ready to check your bank account.



Just to Be CLEAR...


Audio C4 is not another audio service. It teaches you how to maximize the service you currently have. It's a resource that includes an ebook, audio examples, video, templates, message script examples, and step be step instructions on how to create the best messages before your record a word.


As one Audio C4 client, Shamus Brown puts it, "I was just talking to another internet marketer the other day. He commented how he had some audio on his site, but it hadn't changed his conversions. I said back to him that just doing audio isn't enough. What you say and how you say it matters a lot too. And you've got to test it. And that is just what your message is. You're on target."



Why It's Dangerous to Wait Another Audio Second


This is the part where I'm supposed to go on and on about the peril you're in...


Listen, after reading this far if you don't know if you're in trouble or not, I can't help you.



Why There's No Deadline on this Offer...


This is where I am supposed to have a hidden java script that tells you to order by midnight or the deal is off.


We all know that's bull - heck, you've studied internet marketing right?


You can comeback tomorrow, or next week. Either way, your audio will still be weak until you apply these principles. The longer you wait (i.e. the more people you run off your site) the longer it will be until you get your audio right (i.e. incredible audio that makes people want to invest their time and money with you).



How Much for Audio C4?


As you've already guessed, I get paid thousands of dollars in speaking and coaching fees. And - you're ahead of me here - you're not going to pay anywhere near that. How did you know? You haven't read that on any other sites have you? Order right now for only...


Only $29.95

Click here




More Testimonials for Audio C4


David A. Casavant - Carlyle Consulting Group


Tim Chevron

Musical Talking Website



Rick Adams




100% Guarantee


You may be part of the .005% that just can't make a great audio. No problem. You can get a full refund. 100% of your money back. Now that might be your typical guarantee, but I have an ulterior motive. If you use this and your audio still stinks I want to give you your money back. You'll hurt the credibility of the product.


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You will be downloading and reading the ebook and incredible bonuses within minutes... and using it to create Audio C4.


Your C4 Coach,


Paul Evans


Professional Speaker


P.S. Nobody will tell you if your audio sucks. They'll just leave, laugh, or lie.




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